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Jackson Pastures - Ben's Hens, does NOT have the land or resources to produce quality, nutrient dense Pasture-raised Beef. In addition, because of the altitude, climate, and short growing season of this area, a truly, quality Pasture-raised Beef at marketable scale is simply NOT possible.


Because of these limitations, Ben's Hens has mindfully observed, investigated, and searched for a locally produced Beef that would fulfill this gap in quality meat production. Ben's Hens has high standards for quality raised meat. See below for some of these standards.

Ben's Hens fully endorses and has entered into a Cooperative Agreement with Bar D.E. Farm & Ranch in Loa, Utah. They are the Primary Recommendation. See below for more information about this wonderful farm / ranch.

Ben's Hens Members who purchase Beef from Bar D.E. Farm & Ranch can receive credit with Ben's Hens. See below for more information on how to receive this credit.​

Perhaps your are NOT ready for the higher quality Beef raised by Bar D.E. Farm & Ranch, but are still interested in Beef raised by a local Wayne Country Beef producer. If this is you, scroll to the bottom for my Secondary Recommendation.

Member Benefits

Each time certain Ben's Hens Members purchase Beef from Bar D.E. Farm & Ranch, 25% to 30% of the value purchased will be converted into Member Balance (MB) Credit with Ben's Hens. This MB can be used toward the purchase of Ben's Hens products.

For example, a Ben's Hens Member purchases the Beef Sampler from Bar D.E. for $250. A Silver Member would receive $62.50, and a Gold Member would receive $75.

Which Ben's Hens Members are eligible for this benefit?

Silver and Gold are eligible.

Is there a limit to the amount of MB a Member can receive?

Yes, there is limit of MB that can be received per year.

Silver limit is $150.

Gold limit is $300.

Do Members have to use this MB credit toward Ben's Hens products?

Yes, however, if a Member desires to 'pay it forward', this amount can be used toward donations to the Wayne County Food Bank.

How do I receive this MB?

  1. Become a Ben's Hens Member, Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

  2. Purchase Beef from Bar D.E. Farm & Ranch.

  3. Let them know you are a Ben's Hens Member.

  4. Once the Beef purchase is complete, contact Ben's Hens.

  5. Ben will verify the purchase with Milly Edwards from Bar D.E. Farm & Ranch.

  6. Once verified, the appropriate amount of Credit will be applied to your MB.

Do I have to purchase a Whole Beef?

Nope. You can request smaller shares: half, quarter, and a Beef Sampler (as mentioned in the example above). You may need to wait for a time, but there are options. Discuss this with Milly Edwards (see below for contact info). Request to be added to the list of others wanting smaller shares. Your patience will pay off. If you want to go the extra mile in supporting local, request to have it processed by Oyler Family Farms and Market.

Why would Ben's Hens offer this amazing Member Benefit?

Supporting Food Freedom and Food Choice starts with each one of us. If this helps and encourages you too support local food production, then all of us benefit.

For those asking, yes, Ben's Hens does benefit from this Cooperative Agreement.

Primary Recommendation

The best way to know your food, it to meet the person/s who produces your food. Shake their hand and ask all the questions. This may even include a visit to the farm / ranch.

Ben's Hens may fully endorse Bar D.E. Farm & Ranch, but the best way thing the you can do, is to connect with Derik and Milly Edwards directly. Even though their website allows you to order online, Ben's Hens recommends talking directly to Derik and Milly. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Questions about how the beef is raised or how the feed for the beef is raised:

contact Derik Edwards @ 435-691-1169

Ready to order beef or have general questions:

contact Milly Edwards @ 435-691-2545

Please do NOT ask them for additional discounts or benefits.

Both parties have discussed this, and agree on what is in the Member Benefits section above. All parties, including Customers and Members, benefit with the current Cooperative Agreement and believe this is sufficient at this time.

If both Ben's Hens and Bar D.E. Farm & Ranch believe we are being sufficiently supported, we will consider additional benefits and discounts in the future.

Ben's Hens Standards - Beef

​Below are some of the Standards that Ben's Hens has been looking for in a Beef producer.

  • Truly locally raised in the same valley as Ben's Hens. Supporting food that is truly local, is the only honest way to have Food Freedom and Food Choice.

  • Prioritizes Grass Fed and Grass Finished over Grain Fed and Grain Finished. Simply put, nature did NOT intend for ruminants, like cows, to eat fully mature grains. Ruminants are designed to eat grasses and other vegetation.

  • Ability to scale up as needed, but knows there is an upper limit and respects this upper limit. Ben's Hen Members need a reliable source of beef, whether this is 5 beef, or 20+ beef per year.

  • From birth to freezer. The cow needs to spend the full duration of life under the care of one Farm / Ranch.

  • Absolute minimum use of animal medication. Sometimes a situation happens that does require medication. In general, nature was designed to be healthy and naturally heal. If animal sickness is present, it is often due to the living conditions.

  • Cares for soil heath and seeks to improve soil heath using natural methods. Soil heath should be an absolute priority.

  • Zero use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Bare minimum, the use of these are at a minimum and used only as a last resort.

  • Willingness to work with Ben's Hens and accept input from Ben.

  • Desire, willingness, and actively working with nature to improve the world around them.

  • Openness to learning 'new things' and in some cases, unlearning 'old things'. This one is interesting, because many of the best methods for raising food, were learned before modern day technology was even a thought. Nature is our best teacher.

  • Resources should NOT be exported to other countries.

There are others, but Ben's Hens believes you get the picture. Bar D.E. Farm & Ranch may NOT fulfill all of these, but they come closer than anyone else.

Secondary Beef Recommendation

Some individuals might be making the first step out of the grocery store to purchase Beef. They know the 'mystery beef', that is often found in a grocery stores or 'big box stores', is junk, lacks healthy nutrients, and is often difficult to track the place of origin. These individuals have stepped out of the box and want truly local Beef. They want to 'Meet the Farmer'. However, they might NOT be ready or might NOT be able to afford the higher quality of Grass Fed / Grass Finished Beef of Bar D.E. Farm & Ranch.

Because of this, Ben's Hens recommends the following route.


  • Contact Oyler Family Farms in Bicknell, Utah @ 435-425-2886

  • Speak with Bronson Oyler and ask him about any available Beef Shares.

  • He would be happy to help you with your quest to source truly local Beef!


Oyler Family Farms is our local Butcher. You can also follow them on Facebook. They are a small business and work hard to provide this valuable service to local farmers. As a small farmer, it can be intimating to sell Beef direct to consumer, especially if said small farmer has been sending beef to the Auction for decades. Trying something new can be scary. Bronson is doing his best to help these small Wayne County farmers transition to something better. 

In addition, the best way to know your food, it to meet the person/s who produces your food. Shake their hand and ask all the questions. This may even include a visit to the farm / ranch. So while talking with Bronson, see if he can connect you with the Farmer who produced your Beef.

One final note, Beef purchase via Oyler Family Farm is NOT valid for the Ben's Hens Member Benefit and Credit. This benefit is exclusive to Beef purchase from Bar D.E. Farm & Ranch. However, if you purchase a live animal from Bar D.E. and request to have Oyler Family Farm Butcher it, then it is valid for the Benefit and Credit.

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