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The act of receiving any of our Meat products, signifies that you agree with the Ben's Hens Membership Agreement, especially if you receive any Lamb, Goat, and Pork products. In some cases, you may need to sign our CSA Agreement. We expect our Customers to understand the risks and rewards of receiving and partaking of farm fresh food. If you would like to view the CSA Agreement, please click the button above. 

Jackson Pastures, LLC - Ben's Hens is a Private Membership Association and therefore requires membership for access to benefits and discounts. For more information about Membership, click the Membership button at the top of the page. Please note: Non-Members automatically become Tin Members with their first Meat purchase. You can still purchase most products but at Retail Prices.

For information about Preordering Meat, please click the button above.

For more information about each type of Meat product that we offer, please use the buttons below.


If you are interested in live animals for your own purposes, please contact Ben Jackson.

If you are interested in Beef, select the button below for more information about the producers we partner with.

Anticipated time blocks for new Meat products each season - These dates are subject to change. Members and Preorders receive first opportunity.

  • End of January - Lamb.

  • End of February - Pork.

  • End of August - Duck.

  • First of September - Chicken and Goose.

  • Mid October - Turkey.

  • End of October - Lamb and Goat.

If you are curious about any product availability, contact Ben Jackson.

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