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Ben's Hens Eggs are all Pasture-raised and receive quality feed. Because of this, our eggs are real, natural, nutrient-dense, and 'Beyond Organic'. Our production flock literally lives on the Pasture year round. Please, come and see.


For more information about Ben's Hens eggs, scroll down. For Nutritional Information about Pasture-raised eggs and why they are superior to all other eggs, click the button directly below.

If you want eggs, contact Ben Jackson @ 435-979-3787

Current Retail Prices*

Chicken Eggs

$7 / Dozen


Turkey Eggs

$8 / Dozen

Available: Limited Supply

Duck Eggs

$7 / Dozen


Goose Eggs

$2 / Egg

Available: Feb - June

*Egg Retail Prices will be evaluated on a weekly basis. This evaluation is expected to take place each Friday or Saturday. Depending on supply and demand, prices will be adjusted as needed.

Contact Ben Jackson if you would like to purchase eggs or become a Member.

Contact information is on the home page.

Members receive the following discounts off Retail Prices.

Copper: $1 per dozen    |    Iron: 10%    |    Bronze: 20%    |    Silver: 25%    |    Gold: 30%

All poultry groups are Pasture-raised and continue to receive the respect they deserve.

Chicken Eggs:

  • Available to be purchased as the following: Flat (30 eggs), Dozen, and Half Dozen.

  • Plus eggs range in weight between 2.0 oz. - 2.74 oz., with the average weight of 2.3 oz.

  • Medium eggs range in weight between 1.75 oz. - 1.99 oz., and are the same quality as the Plus eggs. The only difference, is the size and availability.

  • Medium eggs will be $1 less per dozen.

  • Half Dozen will be $4 - $5.

Duck Eggs:

  • Available to be purchased as the following: Dozen

  • Plus eggs range in weight between 2.0 oz.+. In other words, if it fits in the carton.

Goose Eggs:

  • Seasonally available: mid Feb to May.

  • Available to be purchased as individual eggs or as a bundle of eggs.

  • Retail price is expected to be $2 per egg. Members receive a discount.

  • Goose eggs are roughly the size of 3 large Chicken eggs.

  • Goose eggs are Ben's Hens personal favorite.

Turkey Eggs:

  • Seasonally available: mid March to May.

  • Available to be purchased as the following: Dozen.

  • Plus eggs range in weight between 2.0 oz.+. In other words, if it fits in the carton.

All eggs are hand gathered each day, sometimes twice a day. Each egg is lightly, hand rinsed with a slow stream of water. Detergents and soaps are NOT used. All eggs are then refrigerated. Even after being rinsed and frigerated, they remain fairly shelf stable.


If you would like shelf stable eggs (not rinsed and not refrigerated), contact us. Prepayment will be required for shelf stable special orders.

Selling Eggs 1.jpg

Many of our Customers visit the farm in Fremont to pick up their eggs; however, we generally do Torrey Town Pick-ups each Saturday just after 3 PM. Look for Ben Jackson in the Etta Place Cider near 700 West on Highway 24 in Torrey. When we have extra eggs, Ben will set up his booth, and sell eggs for an hour or 2 after preorder pick-ups. Ben enjoys waving to everybody that passes by...even those that pass by numerous times, hehe. Even if you do NOT need eggs, feel free to stop by and visit. Every once in a one, somebody thinks Ben is a "therapist", says "Thank you, Lucy", leaves 5 cents, and goes on their way. A little "Charlie Brown" reference there. =D 


We recommend preordering eggs, in fact some of our Members, are on a set schedule. We do our best to keep our Members informed on the status of their preorders. This is mostly done via Text Message.

The majority of our eggs are sold in new cartons / flats. In general, we only accept cartons with Ben's Hens labels. If they are clean, and the customer is fine with a used carton, we reuse them.

Most of our unsold eggs, are donated to the Wayne County Food Bank. If you would like to help with egg donations, please contact us. Any tips or donations are used toward the cost of producing donated eggs. We use returned, clean egg cartons with Ben's Hens labels. Many of our customers have donated $1 here and a $1 there. It all adds up. We are very grateful!!

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