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Preorder Meat
2024 season

Please note: Preorder is only for the preordering of Ben's Hens 2024 products. You are reserving your food shares. A non-refundable deposit will be required with your Preorder. Final price and payment will be determined when you pick up your shares and will depend on your Membership Tier. For more information, click the Membership button above. 

Thank you for your support. When you have questions or want to be added to the waiting list, contact Ben Jackson @ 435-979-3787 or email

Preorder 2024 will open on Monday, 1 January 2024. Please preorder poultry by Sunday, 5 May 2024.

Returns / Refunds / Resale / Transfers / Forfeitures

In short, Refunds are possible, and Returns/Resales are NOT allowed. Any purchase from Ben's Hens, implies agreement to the following policies.

Returns - All sales of shares are final.

Once each share has been transferred to the Customers possession, the share is yours. We are unable to verify the handling and storage of poultry after it has left our farm; therefore, Ben’s Hens does NOT accept the return of shares. This applies to the purchase of Live Poultry / Livestock as well.

Refunds - Down Payment (Deposit) is NOT refundable.

You can request and discuss a refund with Ben before 31 March 2024. After this date, refunds are no longer an option. Due to the nature of farming and the CSA model, these funds have been used toward the purchase of this years feed, animals, and supplies.


Deposit, paid at time of preorder purchase, is NOT refundable. This deposit was used to purchase chicks and week 1 requirements. This Deposit will become credit with Ben's Hens. It can then be used toward the purchase of other products we sell; however, it MUST be used by the end of 2024. 

After you have paid the Deposit, your options include, either a Transfer or a Forfeiture.​

Resale - Applies to shares that are in the Customer's possession.

In accordance with Utah Code 4-5a, all shares are intended for “Home Consumption” only. Shares cannot be sold to or used by a restaurant or commercial establishment or another individual or party. Resale of our processed poultry is NOT allowed.


The act of purchasing shares from Ben's Hens, is an agreement you make with us to NOT resale our poultry. We will do our best to remain in good standing with the state of Utah and ask for your assistance with this. Please do NOT resale the shares of poultry you purchase from us.


Transfers - Applies to shares that are still in Ben's Hens possession.

If a Customer would like to transfer their shares to another individual, the Customer needs to contact us in writing (email or snail mail) and make that request. This transfer will include the shares and any money attached to those shares.


The individual who will receive the transferred shares must also contact us in writing (email or snail mail) and acknowledge the intended transfer. This individual must agree to use their shares for “Home Consumption” only. This new individual will become the new Customer and will be required to sign the CSA Preorder Agreement. Contact Ben Jackson if you plan to transfer.

You can also request that funds be transferred toward donations to the Wayne Country Food Bank.

Forfeitures - Hopefully, we never have a need to implement this policy.

The Customer has until 31 December 2024 to pick-up their shares, schedule a pick-up, or request a delivery. Ben’s Hens will make every effort to contact the Customers, using email and phone, in order to arrange a pick-up or delivery.


Forfeited shares will be returned to Ben’s Hens to do as they see fit. Shares paid in full, will be donated to the Wayne County Food Bank. Shares with a remaining balance due, will be sold at a reduced price to cover the remaining balance.


The following are grounds for forfeiture of shares and any money attached to the shares.

  • We are unable to contact the Customer and schedule a pick-up or delivery by the date listed above.

  • Customer refuses to pick-up their shares by the date listed above.

  • Customer intends to resale the processed poultry.

  • Customer refuses to pay any remaining balance.

  • Customer requests to forfeit their shares.

Home Delivery Options and Estimated Delivery Costs

Delivery options are available, but will be very limited. Wayne County deliveries will be relatively easy; however, outside of WC, it will be a challenge. If enough preorders are received in certain areas of Utah, deliveries to those areas may be possible. With travel times over one hour, keeping multiple orders properly frozen will be problematic. Regardless, discuss it with Ben Jackson to work something out.

Wayne County - Free delivery, as long as I am going that way. Donations/Tips are always appreciated.

Outside of Wayne County - $5 to $50 per delivery, due at time of delivery.

Price will depend on location. Discuss it with Ben Jackson. A delivery to the Wasatch Front would be a full day for Ben. If a delivery of this type were to happen, it would be in Mid-November, just before Thanksgiving. 

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