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Cost of Production:

What does it cost to raise poultry in Fremont, Utah at an elevation of 7,200 feet? Hopefully, this cost break down will help our Customers and Members understand the estimated costs and therefore, the pricing of our poultry shares. Each share or group of shares, is sold at a specific $ per lbs. This price is determined by Cost, Supply, and Demand. There are some factors that are out of our control that could come into play during the season; therefore, the final price is subject to change. Pricing is finalized after poultry has been processed.


Each type of poultry has a different value for each cost, especially the Poultry Purchase. The Labor (Raising Poultry) cost is significantly below the true value, but who would be willing to pay the true cost of Labor? The other costs are a mix of obvious and less obvious. Some, we have learned on our journey. The Total Base Cost is basically the break even point. Therefore, each lb over the Base Weight helps to cover the true cost of Labor (Raising Poultry).

The tables below are for the informational benefit of our Customers and Members. The first table contains numbers for our Standard Whole Poultry. We do offer certain Value Added Poultry for an additional cost. Scroll to the bottom for those numbers. We believe this cost break down will help you understand the cost of producing quality meat poultry for your benefit and enjoyment at the dinner table. Hopefully, it helps you make an informed decision.

Please keep in mind: these values and costs are specifically for poultry produced at Ben's Hens in Fremont, Utah. Other farms and producers will have different values and areas of cost that are specific to them, their locations, and how they choose to raise poultry.

We will never be able to fully match or compete with the prices of larger poultry producers, or what you find in grocery stores. However, we can easily compete and beat them with our nutritional quality and poultry living conditions.


We fully support the idea of a consumer having options to pick and choose from and how they spend their money. In the end, it is the Customer who decides what they choose to eat and whom they choose to support. We hope you choose to support Ben's Hens.

Poultry Purchase
Processing Cost
Packaging / Labeling
Feed Cost
Labor (Raising Poultry)
Utilities / Fuel
Marketing / Advertising
Total Base Cost
Base Weight
4 lbs
$ / lbs
$8 / lbs

Let's breakdown each cost and look at some of the details. There are eight primary areas of cost associated with raising poultry at Ben’s Hens. They are as follows:

  • Poultry Purchase

  • Processing Cost

  • Packaging / Labeling

  • Feed Cost

  • Labor (Raising Poultry)

  • Utilities / Fuel

  • Marketing / Advertising

  • Infrastructure

In the tables below, select each tab to view more information about each area of cost. We believe it is important to inform and educate our Customers and Members. Here at Ben's Hens, we believe in transparency for fair and honest pricing.

This cost covers the following:

  • Purchase of Poultry – Cost to purchase newly hatched poultry from the hatchery. Each type of poultry has a different base cost (take note of the goose cost). Purchasing in bulk does reduce the cost per poultry, but you need to purchase in bulk.

  • Shipping – Cost of shipping from the hatchery to the Ben's Hens.

  • Mortality rate adjustment – The mortality rate is always an educated guesstimate. It is a bit more difficult to describe and calculate. In short, poultry deaths are the highest during the first week of life; therefore the costs of the dead poultry are transferred to the remaining live poultry. There are always weak poultry in each batch. Some poultry become stressed during the mailing process and are 'dead on arrival'. Others never recover from the stress and die a day or two after arrival. This effect is felt the deepest with ducks and geese. Losing 1 or 2 of either can be a significant impact. We do our best to combat this by: ordering extra poultry, provide fresh food and water, maintain proper brooder temperature, and create a stress free environment.

  • First week of life while in the brooder - Feed, Water, Electricity, Bedding, and Labor.

This cost covers the following:

  • The most undervalued and under paid cost of all. How do you truly calculate and value the cost of Labor for any famer to raise their livestock? Especially when most people think that Farmers should be working for minimum wage, less, or even 'free'.

  • When we give a Member Discount, this is where that discount is coming from.

  • It is difficult to fully quantify this cost, but overtime, we will eventually figure this one out.

  • The more poultry we raise in each batch, the more distributed our labor is. In other words, it requires roughly the same amount of labor and time to raise 50 chickens, as it takes to raise 250 chickens.

  • Corn Free / Soy Free batches are smaller groups and require more time, therefore, require more labor per poultry. Hence a higher cost for CF / SF.

We do offer some Poultry Value Added options for those who want us to do the work for them. These are mentioned in the table below. Please be aware, most of these options are available only with Preorders.

Preorder these Value Added options before processing day. Plan to add $1 / lbs to the Standard price.

  • Spatchcock - The backbone and neck of the poultry have been removed. This allows the poultry to lay flat for a more even cook in the over or BBQ. The backbone and neck are included in the bag. Use the backbone and neck for Broth/Stock/Soup or give them to your pet as a treat.

  • Pieced - Let us cut the poultry into individual pieces for you. Whole Breast, Wings, Thighs, Drumsticks, Back, and Neck are all contained in one bag. Cook them all at the same time, or split them up for different meals. Use the back and neck for Broth/Stock/Soup or give them to your pet as a treat. 

  • Half - Cut down the middle with the backbone removed. For those interested in a smaller portion of the Whole, but want a bit of each part of the poultry, we offer Half. It is ready for your BBQ or oven.

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